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The Curse of Gothera Park

A spooky short story by Geta contributor, Caitlin Erasmus. Warning: Contains horror themes!

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Splendour Review

Getamungstit contributor, Christian trekked down to Splendour this year to give readers a one-of-a-kind play by play of the most anticipated festival of the year.

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Movie Review: Suicide Squad

Does it live up to the hype? Click to find out.

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It's time to refresh your feed.

Here's 12 Instagram accounts you should be following.

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20 September 2017

Ready, set... change

Tackling global healthcare: HOPE4HEALTH
Imagine getting to sit down in a room with the likes of former High Cou...

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19 July 2017

Don't waste any more time at uni....

As a recent graduate and current post-graduate student I have first-hand experience of how dated the current educatio...

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01 June 2017

GUGC Dominates Rival Night

With all the fun and excitement of Northern Unigames just around the corner, ...

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